Our founder


During my day job I am an Area Sales Manager, covering a large geographical area, for a busy, demanding, and hardworking company.  Often I find myself travelling a lot for work, and this includes staying away from home overnight on many occasions.  On one such trip, I wanted to find a Box near me so I could get my session in, it had dawned on me that my training was taking a back seat for work.  As the saying goes, 'All work and no play makes Jack (or Will in this case!) a dull boy.'  I was unable to find a Box near my hotel and so, it got me thinking, how many other people might be in this same predicament?  How can I make the situation better?  What if I could plan my trip away around my training instead of just work?


From there, DropInn was born! Well, the idea was in any case!  


DropInn is designed to try and make travelling for work, work within our CrossFit® journey.  So many times on my travels I see hotel car parks full of people also travelling for work, and whilst they may not all be CrossFitters (yet!), there was a chance that some are, and this is where I wanted DropInn to help.


DropInn can be used any time you are away from your home box - whether visiting an area for work, leisure, or traffic means you can't get back to your normal box in time.


I wanted to create a community that encourages people to get out there and train at different boxes when they’re away from home. There are many awesome individuals and world-class training facilities out there amongst the UK CrossFit® community, I wanted others to know that they can go and experience these for themselves.


Drop in with DropInn.

Will Harrison

Founder, DropInn.